Jim Chambers Music Box
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Jim Chambers Music Box is a full service music instruction and learning academy based in Tampa, Florida. THE BOX specializes in drums, band formation, voice, guitar/bass, piano, violin and ukelele. THE BOX has vetted and secured the best music instructors in Florida and provides a comprehensive learning curriculum that includes 4 important elements: EXCELLENT INSTRUCTION, PRACTICE, PERFORMANCE AND FUN! Our instructors are trained to follow these 4 important elements of learning music. 

Our instructors are simply the best. We strive to understand and get to know you/the student immediately.  This practice allows us to perfectly curate the right lessons plan for our students. 

We insist our students  practice. We will always consult you/student to know exactly what is to be worked on THE BOX takes music seriously -however- we have perfected this to include FUN!

THE BOX does a lot of performances. Whether it is a BOXCERT for a few people to show your progress- or take the main stage at The Shinebox performing in a band. THE BOX feels public performance is KEY to any aspiring musician. 

Sounds strict? It’s not. We promise THE BOX is a different music learning experience. It’s fun. Designed with students in mind, THE BOX is THE best place to learn an instrument.

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Jim Chambers is a 3 time Grammy winner with a long career as a music executive in the New York music business. He worked with great names as Maroon 5, Dave Matthews, Flyleaf and many more. When the music industry took a nose dive in the early 2000’s, Jim began teaching again from his home studio in Tampa in 2009. After teaching 24,974 kids how to drum with Jim Chambers’ Percussion Party, he started Jim Chambers Music Box to teach the whole spectrum of music. Not to just teach instruments, but most of all the love for music. Music is a way of life, it entails so much more than just a rythm. It applies to and resonates with every aspect of life. Jim has been featured multiple times on Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS and the Tampa Tribune for his contributions to music education, winning awards for being the best Music Incubator in Tampa. Jim owns THE BOX and The Shinebox and is a drum instructor.

Listen to a Cigar City MGMT interview here

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 A music academy is only as good as instructors. Our instructors proove that every day here at THE BOX.

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She can teach you anything that involves singing. Our own Diva, our Bianca Castafiore, our own Nightingale, she teaches anything between Opera to Rock.She brings absolute class to our classes.

We have never her seen ride a skateboard though…

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Adam has been teaching in the Tampa Bay area for over 15 years. A jack-of-all, Adam teaches guitar, violin, cello, bass, ukelele AND banjo. He also leads our popular band formation class.

And to be honest, he ain’t bad on a skateboard either…

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Jake is a drummer, drum instructor, a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and song writer from Orlando FL. In 2015, Jake was signed to Studio 18, a publishing company in Winter Park FL, where he developed vast experience writing pop songs, recording, mixing and producing. Later he moved to Tampa to pursue music production and soon found a multitude of opportunities.

Jake broke his skateboard in a week. 

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NUGZ, aka the BOX-BOSS

If it weren’t for Nugz, nothing would work at The Box. He is the friendly face when you come in, answers the countless phonecalls and emails, knows every button on the mixing panels for the live shows and Jim would have no coffee if it weren’t for him. And when Jim has no coffee…

And -you guessed it right- also a great skater.


Besides our beloved Mascotte and Jim’s roommate, Stixx is also the bookkeeper of The Box. He really would love it when you PayPal him a dollar. Just because…
By far the coolest Westie in the music industry. BUT… can’t skate if his life depended on it.

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